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How to choose the transportation method of Pneumatic Rubber Fender?

Pneumatic Rubber Fender are filled with air, and compressed air in the bladder is used to absorb impact energy, so that the ship can be buffered when docking, so as to achieve the effect of collision and collision prevention. . The product has the characteristics of high strength, high wear resistance, large energy absorption and small reaction force. It has been widely used in oil tankers, container ships, yachts, offshore platforms, large docks, military ports, large bridge piers, etc. It is used to absorb the kinetic energy of ships near piers, pier walls or other ships. Mudguards for all types of ships, from cargo ships to cruise ships, ferries and private yachts, to prevent damage to ships and mooring structures.

Many customers choose inflatable fenders, transportation has become a key issue, and how to choose the transportation method that suits them has become an issue that needs to be resolved.

One, deflated transportation

Advantages: Due to the air inlet valve, the inflatable fender can be deflated for transportation during transportation. Through Luhang’s special strapping method, the transportation volume is reduced and the transportation cost is saved.

A part of the gas can be released according to the needs to reduce the transportation height and avoid the transportation of special vehicles

Disadvantages: Since the fender needs to be bundled and folded, when the fender body is thick, creases are prone to appear, reducing the aesthetics, repeated folding, and affecting the service life;

When there is a tire chain net outside of the fender body, the folding will easily cause the chain to be entangled and knotted. It needs to be continuously arranged during the later inflation. Larger fenders may require equipment assistance;

In order to ensure the air retention of the fender, a smaller inflation hole is used, so the inflation is slower, the installation time is longer, and the installation time is increased.

Two, full air transportation

Advantages: Inflate before leaving the factory, which can be installed directly, reducing the installation time on site;

No need to fold, beautiful capsule

It takes a certain amount of time for full gas transportation to the site, and the gas retention can be observed and tested

Disadvantages: high transportation costs, such as oversized fenders require special transportation and frame transportation.

Post time: Mar-30-2021