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Classification and structural composition of marine bolsters

The ship vulcanized rubber ball is a kind of anti-collision equipment for compressed air. It is made of cord rubber pads with compressed air inside which can float on the river surface as a defensive material. Therefore, when transferring and working on anchors, the ship’s rubber fender is used as a key maintenance material to avoid hitting the ship. The ball can digest and absorb a lot of kinetic energy, and reduce the working pressure of the company that functions on the ship’s surface. This type of advantage has made the ship ball yard an idealized ship protector and is commonly used for large and medium-sized freighters, compressed natural gas ships, deep-sea service platforms, bulk carriers, wave structures, large and medium-sized ports, seaports and ports.

1. Classification of marine ball

According to ISO  17357:2002 <<Ship and water technology   High pressure floating raft pumping vulcanized rubber backing ball>> There are the following classifications  1, the ball can be divided into:  a)  wire guard type b) suspension type

2. Depending on the original gas pressure, the ball can be divided into:  a)  50 type (original gas pressure is 50KPa)  b)  80 type (original gas pressure is 80KPa)

3. The structural characteristics of the ship’s ball

The basic structure of the marine ball rest is composed of an outer vulcanized rubber layer, a cord-enhanced vulcanized rubber layer, and an inner vulcanized rubber layer. This is a cylindrical leaning ball with hemispherical tension at both ends.

4. Marine rubber vulcanized outside the ball

The outer vulcanized rubber layer covers the outside of the rubber fender to maintain the cord and the inner vulcanized rubber layer to prevent damage and the impact of external energy. This type of chemical substance has strong tensile strength and tearing compressive strength, and can be applied under all weather conditions and difficult standards. The standard color is gray and black, but other colors such as dark gray and creamy white can also be shown in accordance with the regulations.

Post time: May-17-2021