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Monopile Floating Polyurethane EVA Donut Fender

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D-type rubber fenders are the most commonly used rubber buffers for tugboats, barges, ships or docks, seaports, bridge piers, wharfs, pontoon protection, inland waterways, etc. This Boat Fender has higher energy absorption capacity and reasonable reaction force than the cylindrical fender, and Mari

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Docking D Type Rubber Fende

Instructions: D Shape Rubber Fender is a simple rubber fender profile, usually fixed to the structure with bolts. Any length of D Type Fender can be used to squeeze the fender, and then cut and drilled to the appropriate application.

D Type rubber Fender Features

Solid D Type Rubber Fender has applicable reaction force, higher energy absorption than cylindrical rubber fender, D Type Marine Fender easy installation and maintenance, small bottom width, suitable for frame docks and ships, unlimited length. Extrusions can be made in virtually any length then cut and drilled to suit each application. Pre-curved sections and special sizes are available on request.

1.The Rubber fender with higher energy absorption than cylindrical fender;
2.Lower reaction force;
3.High working performance, impact-resistant and long-term life;
4.This Marine Fender is easy installation and maintenance.

If you have any pending questions of the D Type Ship Fenders please feel free contact us without any hesitate .

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